Robin T.

For that training that goes the extra mile, this is the class.
Sean Baxter is a very patient instructor that ensures nothing but A1 instruction.

Judy P.

I really enjoyed this class. Sean Baxter is a great instructor. If you don’t understand, he will explain and demonstrate until you do.  Thank you for your patience.  Hope to see you in the advance class.

Quyona R.

Sean Baxter is an amazing instructor!  I loved that he took the time to explain anything that we did not understand and was extremely patient with us.  I would definitely take another class with him!

Antonio H.

This class rocks!  I learned so much about the fundamental of handgun handling and about places that I can and cannot carry. And about how to safely hold and fire a handgun. It opened up my mind about things before using deadly force, to think about other options. I learned about how important is to carry your license permit. I need to go outdoor range shooting more, love it.

Thank you Mr. Baxter!

Natasha B.

As someone who has never seen, handled or shot a gun before, this was an excellent class.  We had people of varying levels of experience, but I felt comfortable throughout the class.  I found the classroom drills to be very helpful.  I’m looking forward to taking more classes from Right Sight Training.

Leta A.

I enjoyed the class very much. We received a lot of information that was presented very professional way. We will able to be serious and focused and still have fun.  I’m looking forward to learning and experiencing more in the near future.  I have been telling my friends and coworkers to sign up.its definitely worth it.

Mr.Baxter is the BEST.  Awesome instructor.  Very patient with me.  He was professional, knowledgeable and good at what he does.  I highly recommend this class.

Rachel B.

I have my conceal carry permit  but retook Mr. Baxter’s class as my boyfriend took the class for his conceal carry.  This class was by far better than the one I took for my conceal carry through someone different.  After this class with Mr. Baxter I felt confident enough to handle a pistol which I had not before and only carried a revolver.  Right after the class I went and bought my first pistol with no fear as I had before this class.

Kathy W.

Thank you so much for a great training session.  Colin has been encouraging me to take the steps necessary to learn about gun safety and how to protect myself.  I appreciate all your help and patience.  To not have had any experience, you calmed my fears and your knowledge level is outstanding.  Again many thanks for helping me get my Concealed Carry Handgun permit!

Jackie F.

Sean Baxter’s class (at Right Sight Training) was very informative & I learned a lot. He explained parts of the gun, how to load & handle the gun safely, and what types of holsters are available & other ways to conceal your gun. With the way the world is today it’s nice to know what you can and can’t do to defend yourself in a bad situation and how important it is to have a plan in place at your home. I enjoyed hearing about different scenarios, watching the videos, and hearing other class members stories. The second half of the class was the best though as we got to shoot targets with the laser gun. Range time qualifying was a lot of fun as well! Even though I was very nervous about hitting that target, Sean takes the time to work with you to make it happen. It was a very fun weekend, we made new friends, and I would recommend this class to everyone!

Whitney J.

The class was very informative!  Not only was the instructor very knowledgeable but gave real life situations to make you think about.  The class was fun and had computer simulated laser technology that allowed us to shoot lasers at targets in the classroom.  It made me feel a little more comfortable with a gun and it was able to help with my aim and not to mention safety.   The computer also had different situations and activities to help prepare for situations.  The 8 hours went fast and we got a lot of helpful and useful information.

The range was very quiet and secluded to be able to focus and concentrate.  Mr. Baxter was always by my side in case I had any questions or concerns.  A great instructor, great class, and very informative!